Single Source Logistics is the driver staffing division of Cowan Systems. SSL offers professional DOT qualified drivers recruited, hired and trained  by experienced transportation specialists. We are experts in fitting the right driver to your company’s individual and unique needs. With many options to choose from, and flexible programs designed specifically for your company’s individual requirements, Single Source Logistics is the only option you will need to satisfy your company’s driver staffing needs.

  • Dedicated Leasing Program – This service provides DOT qualified drivers every day for the length of the agreement, at a discounted rate. We have backup drivers on call to help ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to find the right driver for your company’s needs.
  • Casual Service – Our casual leasing program makes it possible for your company to temporarily expand its driver pool. When utilizing this service, drivers are on call to help with sick days, planned vacations, workers’ compensation absences, seasonal surges, as well as with the demands of new business growth. Additionally, we can cover your driver no-shows and family emergencies within. With our casual program, a DOT qualified driver is just a phone call away.
  • Work-To-Hire Program – With our work-to-hire program, we advertise, interview, perform background research and various other tasks involved with hiring a new driver. Your company sets the requirements needed to find the right driver, and Single Source uses those guidelines to find the perfect match.
  • Total Driver Option – Single Source will supply your company with it’s entire driver fleet, or can take over your current driver staff to help minimize costs for your company. We supply DOT qualified drivers to your location. The drivers report to you, are dispatched by you and are under your direction. Your company sets their start times and their weekly schedules. This program choice virtually eliminates your overhead and costs associated with your driver recruiting, payroll administration and taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance/related benefits and maintaining driver files.
  • Equipment and Warehouse Leasing – Our association with Cowan Systems affords us the unique ability to supply our client base with drivers, along with tractors and 53′ trailers. Another benefit is the availability of leased warehouse space, also provided to Single Source through Cowan Systems. With over 200,000 square feet available in Baltimore and the surrounding area, this option gives you the ability to solve your inventory issues. We offer Customs bonded warehouse space and are alcoholic beverage specialists.

Most of all we are transportation professionals that enable your business to continue moving  forward  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Providing you with the best and most comprehensive service in the industry.