If you are seeking employment as a driver and have questions, see “Driver Opportunities” below for email and phone contact information.

For Asset Customer POD requests: PODRequest@cowansystems.com
For Logistics POD requests: BillingLogistics@cowansystems.com
For current Cowan Asset drivers: drivers@cowansystems.com

Corporate Office:
Cowan Systems, LLC
4555 Hollins Ferry RD
Baltimore, MD 21227

Driver Opportunities:
Phone:  800.227.0418
Email: driverjobs@cowansystems.com

Driver Application:   

Corporate, Office, and Terminal Staff Opportunities:
Phone: 800.882.6926 Ext 2055
Email: careers@cowansystems.com

Cowan Logistics Dispatch:
Atlanta & Baltimore: 888.402.6926
Kansas City: 877.484.0873

Cowan Asset Dispatch:
Phone: 800.882.6926 Option 6
Email: operations@cowansystems.com

Sales Department:
Phone:  410.247.0800 Ext 1278
Email: sales@cowansystems.com

National Road Lease Purchase:
Phone:  866.384.0374
Email: nationalroadrecruiting@cowansystems.com

Safety Department:
Phone:  410.247.0800 Ext 1712
Email: safety@cowansystems.com



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